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Random Image from Archive: Dance

Dance Swindon


Random Image from Archive: Hebron

Palestinian Mother and Child

Palestinian Mother and child in a mobile health clinic operated by Care International in the Tel Rumaida area of Israeli controlled Hebron in the south of the West Bank. Palestinian residents here often find it difficult to obtain medical treatment due to the proximity of Israeli settlements in this predominately Arab city.

Random iPhone Snaps of Trees

Random iPhone snaps of trees for no particular reason whatsoever.

Random Image from Archive: Jerusalem

Christian Praying Jerusalem

A Christian pilgrim praying in the Church of the Holy Sephulcre, the site of the Crucifixion of Jesus, in the Old City of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Random Image from Archive: Ha Homa

Palestinian women walking past the Israeli settlement of Ha Homa between Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the West Bank.

Ha Homa

iPhone Snaps from Wichelstowe

Random iPhone images from Wichelstowe, an unfinished housing estate on the outskirts of Swindon.

Wichelstowe Canal

Back to Black and White…

Back to Black and White… was a series of art workshops and eventual exhibition involving pupils from Drove Primary School and St Josephs Catholic College, run by Create Studios and artist Dani Landau, and inspired by the photographs of prolific Swindon photographer, Albert Beaney.