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Random Portraits of Glue Pot Customers

More or less random portraits of customers in the Gluepot pub in Swindon.

People Drawing Stuff

Photographs from the Big Draw event at the Outlet Village in Swindon.

Random Snaps of Glue Pot Customers

More or less random snaps of customers in the Glue Pot pub in Swindon.

Big Draw Swindon

On Saturday 23rd October, I will be documenting the Big Draw event at the Outlet Village in Swindon. The event includes a guest visit from prominent Swindon artist and muralist Ken White as well as character drawing workshops from Fred Blunt.

The Big Draw is a series of events taking place during October to encourage anybody and everybody to draw as part of the Campaign for Drawing! The Campaign is supported by renowned illustrators Quentin Blake and Gerald Scarfe, architect Norman Foster and artist David Hockney.

Big Draw Swindon

Belle & Sebastian Write About Love

A couple of rather half-hearted efforts at the Belle & Sebastian photo competition. Basic concept conceived by the band being to write and then photograph their name and the title of their upcoming album somewhere interesting. Not feeling terribly imaginative, I settled for the dartboard and the beer board in the Beehive and the Glue Pot, a couple of my local pubs. Thirty-three and a third ABV, you see, for those who remember vinyl…

Belle & Sebastian Write About Love

Arts at the Heart Magazine Front Cover

One of my images from the NALGAO conference was recently used on the front cover of their magazine, Arts at the Heart. Arts at the Heart

Swindon & Wiltshire Pride 2010

A small and mostly clean edit of images from the Swindon and Wiltshire Pride event 2010.