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Israeli Soldiers

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Israeli soldiers firing rubber bullets at Palestinian stone throwers near the Qalandiya checkpoint, just north of Jerusalem, in the West Bank on March 3rd 2007.

Random Image from Archive: Hebron

Settlers Hebron

Palestinian school girls walking past Jewish settler children and Israeli soldiers and police in the Israeli occupied old city of Hebron in the West Bank.

Random Image from Archive: Purim in Hebron

Purim in Hebron

An Israeli settler dressed as a clown and juggling as an Israeli soldier stands guard while celebrating Purim, a Jewish religious festival, in the occupied Old City of Palestinian Hebron in the West Bank.

Random Image from Archive: Hebron

Palestinian Mother and Child

Palestinian Mother and child in a mobile health clinic operated by Care International in the Tel Rumaida area of Israeli controlled Hebron in the south of the West Bank. Palestinian residents here often find it difficult to obtain medical treatment due to the proximity of Israeli settlements in this predominately Arab city.

Random Image from Archive: Ha Homa

Palestinian women walking past the Israeli settlement of Ha Homa between Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the West Bank.

Ha Homa

Old Photographs of Israel’s Controversial Security Barrier in the West Bank

Old photographs of Israel’s controversial security barrier in the West Bank.

Photography Exhibition

For those living anywhere near Swindon, I will be exhibiting images from the Old City of Palestinian Hebron at the Beehive on Prospect Hill.

Opening night is Sunday August 1st and the show runs until Saturday September 1st.

In most Arab cities the heart of the city is the Old City / souk area: traditionally vibrant, bustling and thriving with life. In Hebron, in the south of the West Bank, however, the heart of the city has been ripped out. Due to the presence of approximately five hundred militant Israeli  settlers and the soldiers who protect them, the souk of this important Palestinian city has become a virtual ghost town: it’s shops and businesses closed and homes abandoned.

Israeli settler graffiti

For more information, visit the exhibition’s Facebook page.

Hebron Purim

Abu Dis – more or less six years ago

Wall West Bank

Palestinian men standing in front of Israel’s controversial security barrier in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Abu Dis in the West Bank.

Copyright 2004 Jason Moore.

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Hebron – 1 Year Ago

Hebron West Bank

Dresses hanging from barbed wire in the Palestinian city of Hebron in the south of the West Bank. Approximately five hundred Israeli settlers controversially live in this predominately Arab city.

Copyright 2009 Jason Moore.

Southern Hebron Hills

Southern Hebron Hills

Khaled Musa Najef, one of the four patriarchs of the Palestinian cave village of Qawawis in the Southern Hebron Hills of the West Bank. In 2001 he was allegedly shot in the stomach by an Israeli settler from the nearby caravan outpost settlement of Mitzspe Yair. Unable to find suitable medical facilities in the West Bank and denied medical treatment in Israel, he eventually spent thirty three days in a hospital in Baghdad. The villagers here are attempting to maintain their traditional way of life despite alleged harassment from the surrounding Israeli settler community.